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Our management team consists of 4 general contractors who manage a network of subcontractors. Only the most reliable and quality-proven subcontractors are utilized as part of this network. Our structure allows us to closely manage multiple projects on a daily basis, giving each project the attention it deserves without sacrificing efficiency.
On average, it takes about 9 months to build a house, but this varies depending on the level of customization in each project. Ample time is spent in the earliest stages of the project, both educating, advising, and planning the necessary details to both help the project run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and ensure the end result fulfills your vision.
There are many unknowns when a renovation begins that are out of our control. When we build new, you aren’t restricted to an existing footprint or floorplan, so you have more freedom to make the design choices that best suit your vision and budget.

While we have an extensive collection of floor plans that are often chosen by new customers as a starting point, we pride ourselves on the capability to customize designs to fulfill your needs.

Yes – we will work with you to update pre-designed floor plans, ensuring your needs are met, or even create fully custom floorplans and designs based on your vision. It is often preferred by our customers to look through our existing floor plans, who either find one that suits them as-is, or find one an inspiring starting point that can be easily adjusted to achieve their desired layout.

​Yes – we currently have several active subdivisions, and if the in-house options we have don’t fit your needs, we are able to find other available land that will. We are here to help you with every step in the home building process.

Yes – one of our general contractors and architect will lend their expertise and support to help you choose the various design and functionality elements of your custom home. From layouts, lighting plans and custom wood work pieces to cosmetic features and more, we are there to help with every detail.
You are able to select your fixtures. We supply you with a list of vendors that we work with for you to go to for these fixtures. We also have a great in-house designer that is more than willing to help you with your selections.

Yes – we give you allowances for things such as cabinets, closets, tile, fixtures, etc. These allowances are in proportion to the cost of the build.

Yes – we do have a list of approved vendors that we have pre-vetted for quality of both their products and service. We aim to provide as many options as possible, while ensuring that you are in good hands. Additional benefits come from working with these vendors. Pre-established communication allows for closer collaboration on your project. We brief them on your project so they can expect your visit and provide consultative services to you that include insightful recommendations based on your allowances and design vision.

Once we begin the build, we will be setting up showings for construction milestones. The goal of these site visits is to show you the progress that has been made. The site-visits will occur less frequently than the weekly production updates we provide simply to keep the momentum of the progress moving forward with optimal efficiency. Our time investment during the planning stages of your project are structured to comb through every custom detail and cover every question you may have, so that you can rest assured that your vision is brought to life according to plan.

Trust is critical in our approach to building custom homes. The time spent before we begin the build is the first step we take to earn your confidence and instill peace of mind. We spend ample time answering every question you have and discussing every detail of your home plan. The general contractor managing your project closely manages the construction process, communicating every detail of the plan to ensure the entire construction team performing their part of the work exactly according to plan. Throughout the project, we provide weekly updates keep you informed to maintain your peace of mind that progress is on track.
This is the best part! We schedule a final showing with you when we are complete with the home. During the final showing, we will walk through each room of your new home reviewing the in-and-outs of your vision brought to life. We cover things such as water shut-offs, electrical must-knows, functionality of various options, warranties, and contacts for partners who have worked on your house with us. This is also when we go through final documents with you to formalize the turnover of the house to you. Then, finally, we hand you the keys!

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