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With a passion for building a home crafted for your family, O’Hearne Home Development focuses on custom homes and new residential developments. A true resource “from the ground up” is what makes O’Hearne Home Development a desired go-to company for your new custom home. Our goal is to make the entire home building process as simple as we can for you. We understand how much of an investment your home is, so our goal is to make it as easy as a process as possible for you and your family.

Our “from the ground up” philosophy is based upon our ability to truly be your one stop shop for all of your custom home building needs. We can help you find land, whether in one of our new residential developments, or aiding in your search. We will help design your home in great detail to fit your family’s needs, and then we will build you a beautiful custom home.


About John O'Hearne

John Michael O’Hearne is a local contractor in Rhode Island that has grown his business into a reputable home development company. John returned from Afghanistan in 2011, after serving 7 months deployed in the Marines. Upon his return, he has been able to solely focus on building client’s dream homes. John has always been one who goes above and beyond to ensure projects are done well and to the clients desires. He is originally from North Smithfield, Rhode Island and is very proud to be basing his business out of his home town.

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