Exterior Finishes Enhancing Your Custom Home Value

We all have different house features that catch our eye.

Maybe it is the beautiful front door, the custom window trim, or even great outside areas for the family.

The beauty of a custom home is that you have the ability to make your home be eye-catching with the features you enjoy the most. The best part is that these don’t have to break the budget to do so! They are simple little add-ons to your custom home build that can really help increase the value of your home.

A front door to dream of

Solid, glass, stained, or painted, front doors have the ability to make your house POP at first impression. With so many options available it is easy to find one that fits your style. Some of the door styles we find that best grab attention are:

  • Craftsman doors — these are beautiful doors that add a subtle elegance to the front of your house. Using features such as recessed/raised panels and well-placed glass, these doors are a true mark of someone who appreciates high-quality work.
  • Doors with sidelites and/or transoms — talk about a great way to add light into your home. These both do so in a tasteful way. You will often see these doors with decorative glass panels adding some tasteful beauty to your home.
  • Top-arched doors — a truly unique door that can add a lot of character to your house. These are certainly a great way to make your house stand out in the crowd.
  • Solid panel door — the traditional front door that has stood the test of time. Keep your house tastefully simply by staining or painting this door to go with your home. For a more modern/trendy look, I recommend painting it with a bright color that really makes it stand out.

Crown your home with great window trim

While, not often thought of when picking out features for your home, window trim is a strong way to beef-up the curb appeal of your custom home. Let’s take a look at the difference between conventional trim and custom trim on these two exterior windows:

The difference speaks for itself. While both of these windows are on very nice homes, this shows the simple way to add to your home. You can choose from the following options to name a few:

  • Adding crown over the windows
  • Adding trim on all 4 sides of the windows
  • Enhancing the trim on just one feature area of the house or on every window

No matter what route you go with, you will certainly be happy with the end result.

Take the fun outside

Every family has different needs and tastes. Some may enjoy a beautiful farmers porch on the front of their house while others may want a nice walkout patio in the back yard that is perfect for barbecuing and lounging with friends and family. Some great things to keep in mind when going with either of these routes:

  • Dress up your porch — use decorative columns to wrap your standard 4×4 or 6×6 posts. Add to that with crown and base features such as what is seen below.
  • Try stamped concrete for your patio — with many different styles available these days, try using stamped concrete to dress up your patio to really impress your friends and family next time you host a party.

These three ways are simple ways to enhance your curb appeal of your custom house. Use this as a spring-board to your own ideas for what would best catch your eye. When you are ready to begin discussing your ideas for your future custom home, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help!